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Tanya Sillitti


Tanya Sillitti is the Founder and Partner of View Marketing and Creative, a consultancy focused on helping businesses grow through branding, advertising and communications.

The majority of her 20-year marketing career has been spent in the technology industry, working with consultancies, manufacturers and startups. She’s worked with SaaS and App developers as well as with businesses within the medical industry, from providers to technology developers.

Tanya earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Business from Eastern Illinois University. She spent fifteen years following that running the marketing department of a product development consultancy, creating and executing strategies for effectively selling business services, electric vehicle charging solutions, and connected aircraft technologies. She founded View Marketing & Creative in 2016, where she now partners with a diverse client base to raise their brand worth and grow their businesses.

Tanya lives outside of Chicago with her husband, two children and big dog, Finley. She loves to spend time watching her kids dance and play sports as well as spend time in the mountains of North Carolina.

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