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Banner’s Innovation Improves Patient Access to Care, Time to Service, and Saves Money

Banner Health, one of the largest nonprofit health care systems in the country, partnered with Rovicare on a referral management software that offers LTSS members faster access to care, more choice, while saving money and enhancing the provider network through reporting.

90% reduction in clerical work to find care for a member.

● Members have at least two times (2x) choices to select caregivers most suited to their needs.

● 70% case managers surveyed significant boost in morale and job satisfaction after Rovicare was launched.

● 200% increase in case efficiency per case manager.

Problem: A Complicated Care Continuum

The journey of a patient goes through multiple providers who operate in silos. To place a LTSS referral, a Case Manager must fax and call multiple providers. This leads to sub-optimal outcomes and increased costs due to inefficient and outdated processes.

The team at Banner said, “There’s got to be a better way?”

Solution: Health Technology

Yes, there’s a better way. Banner partnered with industry-leader, Rovicare, an established health technology company, to introduce a proven referral management software.  

Rovicare works to fix the broken healthcare continuum by connecting stakeholders to bridge the gap and increase care transparency. Unifying the referral management process saves money for managed care organizations and improves patient outcomes.

“To have one system where we can track data, that’s a real benefit to the health plan and our providers,” shared the Banner team. We want the case managers to focus on the human-to-human connection, rather than managing multiple faxes and phone calls just to place a single referral.

Result: Care Transitions, Simplified

Rovicare enables whole-person care, improving patient outcomes. Rovicare is a cloud-based platform providing “Smart Matchmaking” for the patient-provider relationship, referral automation, extensive provider directory, workforce development, and provider performance matrix.

Case managers share positive feedback and report on how much time is saved with Rovicare, noting they are really picking up momentum. “Patients are getting care faster, and they are thrilled to have more choice.” Most importantly, the time for members to receive service has decreased and the members have more choice with Rovicare.

“The real benefit to Banner is not only is the time savings, but we're starting to better understand the data, and who our true partners are. We have meaningful data around how the network is performing and can make real-time adjustments” shared the Banner team.

Plus, Banner is seeing operational cost savings.

“Patients are getting care faster, and they are thrilled to have more choice.”
Larry O'Connor
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