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Streamlining Care Transition

Case managers, care navigators and other healthcare professionals work hard to ensure that patients are able to safely navigate their healthcare journey. 

Across the continuum these teams are often relying on fax, phone, text and email. Other times, they use multiple systems to coordinate care for each patient. This can lead to inefficiencies, errors and oversights. 
Rovicare offers a solution.   

Digital discharge

The Solution

Rovicare’s innovative suite of tools transform care coordination.

Digital discharge


Digital referral


Digital discharge board, Intake, etc.


Internal & External Provider Communication Tool


Holistic Provider Directory


Patient Portal


One Click Follow Up Appointment




Enable Coordination with Transportation Company


Consolidate Referrals from All Sources into Single Board


Stay Compliant with Care Coordination Rules


Rovicare efficiently connects organizations, individual providers and key stakeholders together to streamline care coordination, resulting in better care transitions and improved patient outcomes.

With Rovicare, send referrals, share medical records, schedule follow-up appointments and more in one platform.

Digital discharge


Empower patients to engage with providers and make decisions regarding their care. Use Rovicare to share information and create transparency.

Digital discharge

Rovicare creates transparency, sharing the right information with the right stakeholders to create improved patient outcomes.


Rovicare provides insights into key operational issues, and allows leaders to evaluate the performance of their organization and the efficiency of their partnerships.

Use Rovicare’s analytics to identify, prioritize, and improve operations.

Digital discharge


Rovicare partners with an extensive network of providers allowing for easy search and selection for patient care.
Users can also create custom networks with their preferred providers.

Digital discharge
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