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Managing a patient’s journey through the care continuum can be disjointed and ineffective.

The path to wellness is unclear for patients and their family members. Rovicare removes barriers, streamlines care coordination, and enables real-time communication among all stakeholders.  

Case Management SolutionsCase Management Solutions

Leave the stress of manual processes behind. Rovicare is your case management solution.
With Rovicare, care transition is simplified.

Case Management SolutionsCase Management Solutions

Rovicare delivers:

Automated, simplified care coordination

Seamless connection to providers across the care continuum

Clerical work eliminated and replaced with clinical care

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Rovicare Delivers Results By:

Creating Care Transition Transparency

Rovicare’s unique design creates pathways for communicating with all stakeholders throughout the care transition process.

Engaging and Connecting Teams

Rovicare serves as a case management tool, allowing all care management/care coordination activity to be conducted and recorded in one location. Rovicare creates transparency and enables teamwork.

Measuring Partner Provider Performance

Analyze care coordination activity for all of your partners. From response time to acceptance rate, Rovicare provides insight into key partnership metrics.

Improving Patient and Caregiver Satisfaction

Engage families and patients throughout their stay. From customizable surveys to communication via patient portal, Rovicare helps organizations engage patients and improve satisfaction.

Reduce Clerical Work

Rovicare automates manual processes. Automation increases the efficiency and effectiveness of processes, saving time.

Enhancing External Partner Collaboration

Rovicare’s unique set of features allows users to manage their provider network, easily coordinate care, and consolidate communication all in one easy-to-use platform.

Coordinated Care Delivers Measurable Results

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Care coordination made simple, from any device, anytime.

Case Management Solutions
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