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Dream Come True: Tempe Behavioral Health Center Maximizes Efficiency

"Rovicare is saving our team of case managers 3+ hours per day per care manager.”
Derek Wertein, Case Manager Leader at Aurora Behavioral Health

Derek is the Lead Patient Care Manager for Aurora Behavioral, with 18 case managers, and 60+ discharges per month.

When Derek first heard of the Rovicare platform, he thought that there’s no way this software platform could be true. As Derek describes it, it sounded like a dream come true! Luckily for Derek, the leadership at Aurora Behavioral decided to partner with Rovicare in March of 2021.

Problem: Time Wasted

Before Rovicare, Derek and his team of care managers were bogged down by endless calls, faxing, and project management of the discharge and care coordination process.

Derek estimates that he and his team spent at least 4+ hours every day just trying to coordinate care, often resorting to begging and pleading with destination facilities.

Solution: More Efficiency with Rovicare

As a team leader Derek saw the negative impact this stress was having on his team. Since onboarding on the Rovicare platform, their discharge process has been revolutionized. Derek and his team are saving 3+ hours per day every day per care manager with coordinating care and discharges for their patients. It’s been a game-changer for their efficiency, patient satisfaction, and staff morale.

Result: Time Saved

With 18 care managers, Derek’s team is saving an estimated 30 hours every day, leaving his staff more time to deliver exceptional service. No longer is the staff scrambling to coordinate care or a discharge for patients. With this massive increase in efficiency Derek and his team are able to put more focus on patient care, and operational efficiency.

“The whole system is a God-Send. It’s helped our facility so much! My head exploded with how helpful this system is.”
Derek Wertein, Case Manager Leader at Aurora Behavioral Health
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