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Focusing on the Patient Experience

"Rovicare really helps to streamline the communication with facilities and cuts down on a whole bunch of emails and calls.”
Shanika Hunter, Case Manager at Aurora Behavioral Health

Like so many new case managers at Skilled Nursing Facilities, Shanika found herself overwhelmed with the complicated and time-consuming process of care coordination and discharge.

Problem: Constant Phone Tag

Shanika spent most of her day playing phone tag and scrambling to find the match facilities with her patient’s needs. Many of these calls frustratingly resulted in unreturned voicemails and hold signals.

This unproductive time often meant that she didn’t have the opportunity to really connect and care for her patients the way Shanika and her colleagues wanted to.

She knew that there had to be a better way.

Solution: Better Communication with Rovicare

Luckily for Shanika and her fellow case managers, Aurora Behavioral started using Rovicare and the difference was immediate and positive.

With real-time notifications and two-way communication between Shanika and destination facilities, the discharge process has been cut down from 3 hours to just 30 minutes.

Result: Patient Connection

She no longer spends her day on hold or leaving hundreds of voicemails. She’s using Rovicare to easily coordinate care in a matter of minutes and communicate with her patients' families.

This has allowed her to focus on her favorite part of the job, providing an incredible experience for the patient and their family.

“I finally have time to care for patients the way I always wanted to.”
Shanika Hunter, Case Manager at Aurora Behavioral Health
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