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From Drowning in Paperwork to Smooth Sailing

"The time savings have been enormous.”
Jason Gerodias, Executive Director at The Center at Val Vista

Jason Gerodias is the Executive Director at The Center at Val Vista located in beautiful Gilbert, AZ.

His facility has a high volume and turnaround of patients with over 100 entering and discharging in any given month.

Problem: Piles of Paperwork

This level of volume brings a degree of complexity to the discharge process. With so many patients staying for 30 days or less, the discharge process was time-consuming and the volume of discharge paperwork was enormous. Jason’s staff of three case managers spent a large portion of their day updating facility info folders, communicating with facility leads, printing PCC forms, scanning paperwork, faxing forms, and following up with patients, patient’s family, and community partners throughout the day. Val Vista’s printing costs alone were a major budget line item.

Solution: Two-week Improvement with Rovicare

Jason knew there had to be a better way. When Jason saw Rovicare’s solution in action, he immediately knew this would be a game-changer for his organization.

He signed up immediately. Within two weeks his team was up and running on the platform. The efficiency gains were enormous and felt immediately.

Result: Staffing Success

Within a short period of time, Jason was able to reassign one of the case managers to another role that was notoriously difficult and expensive to recruit for.

The Rovicare platform will save the Val Vista facility over $42,000 in staffing costs alone.

“Before Rovicare, we had three full-time case managers. Because of the efficiency of the Rovicare system we only have the need for two. We were able to reallocate our other case manager saving an entire FTE [Full-Time Employee].”
Jason Gerodias, Executive Director at The Center at Val Vista

The savings weren’t just found in staffing, and as Jason likes to joke, if the only thing the Rovicare platform did was cut down on the printing of PCC forms, that would be totally worth it for his organization.

Due to the resounding success of Rovicare, Jason is now looking at other ways to incorporate the software into his community partners so the efficiencies and savings can be further realized.

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