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Rovicare Gave Me Time Back, Both Personally & Professionally

“I am no longer frantically doing last-minute paperwork the night before. Rovicare gave me my time back personally and professionally.”
-Starla Byrd, Ensign Services

Before Rovicare, Ensign’s discharge process was manual and would take around 48 hours or more to complete, with little insight she could provide for her patients.

Problem: Manual Process

Before Rovicare, Starla spent 48 hours on the patient discharge and acceptance process. With each discharge, she spent an average of 3 hours printing 40+ pages and working from home most nights to ensure that everything would be ready for the following day.

Solution: Reduced Times

Rovicare’s streamlined process allows patients to get accepted into facilities quickly. The user-friendly dashboard allows Starla to quickly see which agencies accept particular insurance, massively reducing the time spent making calls in vain and helping her narrow her search for a facility.

Result: Patient Satisfaction

Starla's time to complete the discharge process has dropped from approximately 48 hours to only 8. That's a 83% decrease. With multiple discharges every day, Starla will save thousands of hours over the next year.

Furthermore, with greater insight into her patients and destination facilities, return patients have dropped by over 180%.

I can now concentrate on discharge planning, follow-up, and increasing the census numbers by utilizing patient input thanks to the time saved with Rovicare
Starla Byrd, Ensign Services
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